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Weeble has made blogging ‘Surprisingly Easy‘. A realistic, easy-to-use, student-friendly blogging resource; I love it!

Here is my Easy guide to Weebly blogging, its as simply as 1, 2, 3!

Weeble class1. Easy to set up

Setting up a new account is as easy as typing a new username, password and your e-mail address.

I was surprised at how easy it then was in setting up a new class and adding students which is all done by clicking a button ‘Add a student’ or ‘Add a class’.



weebly-homepage-live-demo-animation2. Easy to Build

‘Click and Drag’. Customizing your pages is as easy as choosing an element such as Media, Gallery, YouTube clip etc and dragging it into position on your page.

Giving your page structure is also as easy as clicking and dragging the ‘column’ button and adding to the page. You can decide how wide or how long your page…

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