How do I reach my audience on Facebook? Tips on Engagement

Have you got a Facebook page for your business?   Do  you post on it regularly, only to have little or no response back?   Do you find your posts are only reaching a few of your fans?   There are no quick fixes!    

There are four things you need to happen on your page in order to increase engagement with your fans:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Clicks
  • Shares 

Sounds easy right?   So how do you get this to happen?   

Engaging posts can be interesting, informative, inspirational or just plain funny…  using images will grab your fans attention in their busy newsfeed and asking questions is one of the best ways to get comments.

Put a clickable link in your posts now and again, to send customers to your website or an interesting article on your product.  

For example – this post from July for Pringles is topical with the World Cup, has a question for fans to answer and a clickable link to enter a giveaway!  



Remember to include a bit of personality now and again.  Don’t be all about selling!  

One of my favourite Facebook pages (and overall Social Media guru) is Boom Social with Kim Garst – here’s a little bit of personality injected in between the business advice:


Check out the number of likes,shares and comments…. 

So, have a go and let me know if you have any questions!  Contact me at 

Louise xx


About Social Bee NI

Social Media Consultant for Business based in N.Ireland Mob: 07884003617
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