Social Media Platforms – how to choose?

Social Media Platforms – Which one should your business be standing on?


In a world where social media has taken us by storm, it can be difficult to decide where to start and stop with your personal accounts.  When it comes to your business, the stakes can be even higher.

There are so many different benefits to each social media site, so many statistics and so many opinions it can become daunting for any business owner to make that all important decision…which platforms?

Know your business

It’s important that you remember that your business is unique. You have your own target audience, your own reasons for using social media. It is important to do your research but keep an open mind that the results for one business will probably not be identical to yours.

So having looked at your business objectives for using social media, how do you decide which site(s) to focus on? Well, one such as Facebook or Twitter may suit your business perfectly, or maybe you will discover that you would benefit greatly from using a combination or mixture of platforms.


Blogging is a perfect opportunity to inject personality and passion into a business as it allows the client to get to know the person behind the concepts and sales. You also use it as a tool to sharing your expertise and personal business experience with your customers.   One of the main purposes of writing a blog can be as a source for content for your other social media accounts.  Blogs can be so easily shared on other social media platforms and are often attached to the business’ website.

Remember that whilst blogs are the perfect base to sharing with your target audience, they do need to be updated on a regular basis to ensure that you can hold up the attention of your viewers.


Facebook currently has approximately 936 million daily users worldwide.   Many users consider using  it to be a normal part of their daily routine. As it is current, relevant and established, as a business your image and branding can be rapidly shared around your ‘friends’ and other ‘pages’ and also branch across other platforms such as Twitter.

Facebook also provides a handy tool to business owners. You can use it to access regular reports and statistics of views, traffic to your page and new ‘likes’. These figures can allow you to see who and how many people are being reached.


Twitter is another platform with a massive number of users, in fact with over 27.3 million tweets being sent daily,  it may be a powerful tool for your business. Everything is done at speed on Twitter, with ‘tweets’, ‘retweets’ and ‘follows’ firing around every second. It can be therefore time consuming and a lot of energy is required to stay up to date with your audience and having the need to retweet and reply quickly.

Thankfully there are various programs such as ‘TweetDeck’ available, allowing users to monitor and stay on top of scheduling for the distribution of tweets.

If you want to know more about how to use Facebook or Twitter for business, get in touch for a chat and see how Social Bee NI can help.



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