Facebook – Getting it right for your business!


Facebook – where the party is!

Facebook is the most popular social media site with approximately 1.49 billion registered users, that’s 71% of all internet users!  If you’ve decided to use it as a marketing platform for your business you will know that it takes time to build up an active and loyal customer base. To do this in the most efficient way possible, here are some of the top mistakes and how to avoid them.

It’s ‘Business’ not ‘Personal’ !

Many businesses use a ‘personal profile’ as the face of their business on Facebook. This is not best practice. This results in customers accepting friend requests rather than an invitation to like your page. This means your  ‘personal’ business account will become clogged with each of your customers personal updates.

By using a ‘Business Page’ you can more effectively reach your customers and promote your business. You will also have access to additional functionality such as Facebook Analytics to help you evaluate the success of your social media marketing efforts.

Don’t wing it !

Your social media marketing efforts should be carefully aligned to your business goal and objectives. A clear and concise social media strategy should have clearly defined, specific and measurable goals. Success can then be measured and your strategy refined in order to ensure on-going success.

Keep your content relevant.

Facebook users want information on their news feeds that is relevant to their lives, so it is important that posts about your business engage your fans. First and foremost Facebook is about friends connecting with friends. It’s about building a community. The same is true for businesses, but the main objective to get your customer talking about your product or service by engaging with them in an authentic way.  If a page isn’t focused on the target audience in a genuine way, they will see right through it.

Show the right personality. 

It is important to remember that your Facebook content must communicate the same branding and personality as other marketing activities . Although more casual in it’s approach, your Facebook strategy should align with your overall business objectives. Content should be relevant to customer profile and your brand. Start with an attractive, well designed, Facebook cover photo. This is the first thing customers will see when they land on your page.

It’s not just about selling !

Ultimately, the objective is to increase sales. But you have to strike the right balance. Engagement helps to build customer loyalty, generate leads and hopefully convert leads into paying customers. If you constantly posts that are directly selling your product, customers will lose interest and your strategy will fail.

Use a clear ‘Call to Action’

What exactly do you want from your Facebook ‘fan’. Make sure you are absolutely clear about how you want your fans to interact with your page. If you are aiming to grow you email list, a clear call to action might be ‘Sign Up Now’ or ‘Register Here’.

Don’t be boring !

Using the same content  format can become repetitive and your customer may lose interest. To avoid this, a business can experiment with different post formats in order to boost engagement. For example, videos, memes, links or interactive questionnaire posts.

Timing (as well as content) is important.  

Planning the posts and their timings is an excellent way to stay on top of the content. Once you have identified a target audience it is essential that you look at the most appropriate schedule of posts for that audience. For example, if your community would be likely to be at work without Facebook access between 9-5 hours, then it would be more suitable to post early in the morning or in the evenings.

Consider Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a powerful way to grow your page and does not necessarily require significant expense.  But you must have clearly defined goals form the outset. Is it about building your Facebook page, driving traffic to your website or growing your email list.? If you know what you are trying to achieve you will get better results.

By educating yourself on some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, your business can use Facebook in the most positive and productive way.

If you need help to plan, execute or manage your social media strategy then please get in touch with Social Bee NI.


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