Creating Images for your Social Media Posts

When you are browsing different social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you are likely to see images with text on them – these can be inspirational, informative, or just plain fun. Having your message on a colourful image will catch your customer’s eye more effectively than just using text alone.

However, if you are a small business owner, you probably don’t have the budget to hire a a graphic designer. Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market today to help you create the graphic yourself for minimal time and effort.

Quote software -

Quote software –

‣ Type or paste your quote text,  then add name of who said it.

‣ Pin and save it to your computer.

‣ Quozio has a greater selection of images than some other freebie sites.



‣ Using this software you can create quotes, reminders, a Twitter Profile image, a date
on a calendar or upload your own image.

‣ There are 6 styles of fonts to choose from.

‣ Takes screenshots of websites you want to pin,  Twitter profiles you want to follow, and even Spotify pins of your favourite album and its artwork.


‣ A brilliant site for branding, watermarking or adding a caption to one of your own

‣ Upload your image, choose frame style, and  add text.

‣ Pin and save it to your computer.



‣ Select from a variety of design layouts (can be 1 image or a collage of multiple images)

‣ You can upload and use your own images or choose from the site’s library.

‣ You can have up to 3 text areas, and the text style can be edited.

‣ Borders, filters and effects are also available.


‣ This application is brilliant for creating different styles of graphics. From Facebook cover photos, to posters and invitations, Canva has step by step instructions.

‣ It is also linked to Facebook, and it can have access to your photos and pull them into the software. Or you can upload any image.

Top Tips

1. Use Contrast to ensure your graphic stands out (choose 2 contrasting colours)

2. Choose your font palette (Try using different fonts for the heading, the subtitle and

body text for a more professional and attractive appearance)

3. What’s your colour scheme? (Choose colours that reflect yours / business personality,

start with 2-3 and go form there – use these colours consistently to encourage

continuity throughout your branding)

4. Keep it simple (Avoid clutter, fresh and plain is the best when it comes to graphic



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